The Truth Spy Review: SMS Tracker App

Reviewed on October 18th, 2017

Our Score


  • Pros
  • Cheap Price Point
  • 48-hour Free Trial
  • Easy To Install
  • Cons
  • Features Do Not Work
  • Lack Of Customer Service
  • Difficulty Obtaining Refund

Executive Summary

The Truth Spy recently rose to popularity in the monitoring software marketplace and stood out by offering a lot of great features for significantly less than other top SMS tracker Apps. However, after testing this software we found that the majority of the features didn’t actually work – meaning the cheap price did not matter. In fact, the whole software architecture feels more like a Jenga game on the verge of collapse. Please note that this The Truth Spy review was conducted as objectively and without bias possible, but please be warned to download this application AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Product Features

The Truth Spy SMS tracker is not as good when compared to other spying products, but it is one of the cheapest. However, this means you can’t upgrade the product and make it work with more features. A lot of the features don’t work, but if you only need the Truth Spy for a couple of features and they work then this could be the phone tracker app. Read The Truth Spy review below for more information about this SMS tracker app whose features include:

Product Advantages

The Truth Spy is one of the cheaper SMS tracker apps on the market today, which is great if you’re on a budget. This text spy app is especially great for people who are looking to spy on people who have WhatsApp as that is what they try to market the most. In addition, The Truth Spy is simple and easy to install. The dashboard is interactive and the SMS tracker function works, meaning you can see all sent and received messages on the target device.

Product Limitations

This SMS tracker app has many features that didn’t work. While the app can spy on text messages, for some reason it wasn’t able to capture MMS messages even though they claim to be able to. Also, the feature to resolve the SMS messages to contacts failed half the time we tried to use it. If you’re thinking that upgrading their spy packages would help you, you will be let down. You can’t gain access to important features like Skype messages or pictures on the target device. There is a money back guarantee, but many people have left reviews saying their requests for refunds were not replied to. The support time isn’t that great, sometimes not even responding at all.

Other Points to Consider

Here are things to watch out for with The Truth Spy:

  • Features not working: There are many people complaining about the features not working, which we also found true. Sometimes the app doesn’t even connect to the target’s device. In addition, the GPS tracker doesn’t work most of the time or has a delay with showing the phone’s location.
  • Charging you more money: Be aware of your account balance as some people have reported this app charging them twice.
  • Not respecting the money-back guarantee offer: When you request your money back via customer support it may be ignored until after the 5-day period is over. To avoid this you should use the 2-day trial.
  • Customer support not helping you: Customer support is not that great as the time taken to respond is very long. In addition, if you need help, expect to wait a minimum of 2 days. You might want to look at the FAQ section for answers instead.

Features You Need

SpyEra has many SMS tracking and monitoring features and we’ve highlight the top ones here:

Click on a feature name to learn more about what it does.

Read Sent/Received SMS
Resolve to Contacts
Viewer App

Most people think that their SMS messages are private. However, with The Truth Spy this is no longer the case. You can easily spy on text messages using their SMS tracker feature.

Features You Need

SpyEra has many SMS tracking and monitoring features and we’ve highlight the top ones here:

Click on a feature name to learn more about what it does.

GPS Tracker
Record Phone Call
Track any OS
Ambient Listening
WhatsApp Spy
Social Media Tracking Software

This feature doesn’t always work and may give delayed location information. For the price of this software, getting a pinpoint location is great, but the chances of it working are low. On a positive note, if you lose your phone or someone else loses theirs then you can use this phone tracker to see the phone location by using the GPS tracker function.

How it works


This process is very simple and easy. Once you have selected the bundle that you want to use, purchase it and then download it. Before downloading it make sure that you have configured your device so it can run the software or it won’t work.
Before downloading the app, go to Settings and turn off the “Scan device for security threats.” Then download this SMS tracker app directly to the device you are using. After you have done this you are going to need to register an account, which can be done on their website at


Once you have registered an account you are going to want to install the app. When you press the install button on your device a prompt will pop up asking for permission to install, on which you have to click yes. The installation process will start automatically. If the device has been rooted it will take around 15 minutes to track WhatsApp, otherwise it will take 1 to 3 days. After installing the app, it might not work straight away – in this case turn your device off and on again.


After you have finished the installation process and the app works, you can then begin monitoring your target device. There are so many features that come with this spying app so at first you should consider only using a few at a time until you become comfortable with the system.
Perhaps begin monitoring only text messages, as this is the most basic feature that has the highest success rate. On the other hand, if you are familiar with tracking programs then this shouldn’t be anything different than you are used to.
When you start learning more about this product you should then consider using more and more features like ambient listening, social media monitoring and the keylogger function. Ambient listening gives you a big advantage as you will be able to hear conversations that you wouldn’t normally get to. Monitoring social media is important too, because so many secrets can be in private messages. Keylogging is also another must-use feature as you can access passwords.

Customer Support, Compatibility, and Price

Quality of Customer Support

The Truth Spy has bad customer support, because there are times where you do not receive a response. Many customers complain this is the case when asking for a refund. You can only contact them using email. Instead of waiting and trying to contact customer support you can look at the FAQ section, which normally has all the basic answers. However, if there’s something more serious, like getting a refund, then trying to contact using email is the only option.

Compatible Devices

Before you consider purchasing The Truth Spy app you should check out if it is compatible with the target device. If you bought the product and can’t use it then request a refund as soon as you can. It’s unlikely it won’t be compatible as this app is works with both iOS and Android phones. Also, you can take advantage of the 2-day free trial and see.

iOS: The Truth Spy app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and many other Apple products. This phone tracker app comes with many features like live call recording. Listen to chats by recording them or listening to them live. The Truth Spy sends MP3 files to your account, which you can then listen to any time of the day. You can listen to all incoming calls from any chat app such as WhatsApp. Read all message contents, including stickers, status updates, pictures, locations and emojis.

Android: Android phones are even easier to monitor than iOS as there aren’t so many barriers. You can monitor internet activity, view website browser history and even block certain sites altogether. Use the keylogger to capture everything they have typed. This text spy app also allows for tracking SMS picture messages, even if they are deleted by the user, which is a an advantage.

Price Comparison

Before you look at other spy software you should look at the different packages they offer first. Here are the four SpyEra offers:


This is the cheapest package you can get on this site. It includes the main features that you want for SMS tracking. However, be aware that from our test, that is the only feature that worked properly from those advertised for this package. Besides SMS tracking there weren’t many other features, including many social media messengers, which are one of the most important things to have in a phone tracker app.


This one costs a little bit more than the Standard, but comes with way more features, like social media messenger app monitoring. This package does not have a call recording feature and you can’t view videos on the target device, only photos. They do include other important features like real time location tracking and viewing deleted SMS messages. In addition, you can see the target’s browser history, which is a must nowadays.


The Gold package doesn’t cost a lot when compared to other spy apps, but it works slowly (and sometimes not at all). However, this is the best package this SMS tracker app offers, because it comes with all the features you need to spy on someone.
You can also view photos, videos, listen to voice recordings and view notes on their phone. Not only can you spy on one device, but you can also spy on up to three devices simultaneously. Even if you don’t like the product you can get your money back within 5 days.

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The Truth Spy review has concluded that this software should be avoided unless you are willing to take a big risk. This is a cheap SMS tracker app, which is great if all the features worked as described. We recommend using the 48-hour free trial to see if this software is right for you. If you are going to buy The Truth Spy, then consider getting the Gold package as it is not that expensive compared to other products on the market. Also, the features that you get with the Gold package are a must, since the other packages don’t have vital features or features that tend to work.