SpyEra Review: SMS Tracker App

Reviewed on October 18th, 2017

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  • Pros
  • Stealth Mode
  • Easy To Install
  • GPS Tracking
  • Cons
  • High Price Point
  • No Free Trial
  • No Live Chat Support

Executive Summary

In this SpyEra review you will learn everything you need to make an informed decision about this SMS Tracker app. With SpyEra you can remotely track text, spy on SMS messages, view location history and call logs, as well as intercept incoming phone calls. It also allows you to spy on WhatsApp, Facebook and other popular chat applications. SpyEra offers GPS tracking too and unlike most phone spy apps, this SMS tracker app allows you to monitor BlackBerry messenger.

Product Features

SpyEra has great customer support and many useful features when compared to other spy apps. Plus, it offers support for Android, iOS and BlackBerry messenger.

Product Advantages

SpyEra works in complete stealth being undetected on the users’ devices. In addition to SMS tracking, you also can use it as a Facebook spy, WhatsApp spy and IM chat monitor. SpyEra has a remote-control feature allowing you to remotely track and control the device. The best thing is that it’s easy to install – within five minutes you will have access to one of the best spy apps on the market. Not only can you spy on someone’s phone, but you can get access to their PC, iPad and other devices as well.

SpyEra has its very own support team for helping people use the app more efficiently. However, as of today there is no live chat on their site.

Product Limitations

There are some limitations withSpyEra. For example, you must jailbreak an iPhone before using the SMS tracker app features. Here are some additional limitations of SpyEra:

Pricing: The price of SpyEra is not small compared to other spying apps. However, SpyEra offers high quality service for their customers. Each package contains a different set of options that will fit the needs of different users. However, keep in mind that if you want to spy on more than one device then the price goes up. At the moment there is no option to purchase this app for 1 month – there is a 3-month minimum.

No free trial: Currently SpyEra offers no free trial for their customers. SpyEra offers high quality service and if you don’t like it then you can always get a refund. Consider getting the smaller package to see if you like this SMS tracker app or not. This way you won’t spend a lot of money in case you dislike the product.

10-day guarantee: SpyEra, like most similar software offers a 10-day guarantee. You can use this information to your advantage by purchasing the app and trying it out. You can take note of the things you like and dislike, weigh out the optionss and see if this app is for you.

Features You Need

SpyEra has many SMS tracking and monitoring features and we’ve highlight the top ones here:

Click on a feature name to learn more about what it does.

GPS Tracking
Chat Tracking
E-mail Tracking
Call Recording
SMS Tracking
Photos and Videos
Setting up SpyEra
Blocking Feature

You can see where the target has been and where they are at present. Having a hidden phone tracker option on any spying app is a must.

How it works


To use SpyEra you first need to download it. You can do this by clicking the download button after you have purchased the product. Downloading the app should be fairly fast, because the file isn’t that large - even with a bad internet connection you should get the app within a couple minutes.
There are no extra costs to download the app, but the only way to use the app is by purchasing one of the SpyEra packages. The app can be downloaded on Android and iOS devices.


The installation process of SpyEra is easy. After you download the app simply click on it to begin. You also have the option to contact customer support for help if you still don’t know how to install it.
You are going to need to give the app access to the device you will be monitoring from. After you do this you can target the device you want to start spying on. The installation process is takes about five minutes.


When you finish the installation process you can begin SMS tracking. SpyEra is full of different features, the more expensive the package you purchase the more features you will get. At first it may be tricky to use the app, but over time you will get the hang of it. Consider monitoring only one device to start and then add more as you get more comfortable.
The main thing you should first set up is the hidden phone tracker so you can see where your target is at all times. In addition, setting up the SMS tracker and call tracker is a must to gain as much information as you can.

Customer Support, Compatibility, and Price

Quality of Customer Support

Customer support on SpyEra is fairly good, but it doesn’t have live chat. You can contact them using email and they should get back to you within 24 to 48 hours. If you have any questions about SpyEra they encourage you to ask, because this helps them improve their products and services.

In addition, SpyEra has a FAQ section for people who need answers to common questions. However, if you have an important question, don’t hesitate to ask SpyEra support team.

Compatible Devices

When considering purchasing an SMS tracker app you should first make sure that the devices are compatible, otherwise you will be wasting your money. However, if you do make the mistake of buying the spy app only to find out it won’t work on the device, then you can always take advantage of the 10-day money back guarantee to get a refund.

As of today, SpyEra works on multiple devices, which is more than most of other SMS tracking apps. It is important to note that you can’t spy on iPhones unless the phone has been jailbroken.

iOS: SpyEra is compatible with iOS systems and offers many features. You can perform ambient listening and live call intercept, even receiving an SMS alert when the target phone is engaged in a call.

Android: SpyEra is one of the better Android spy apps. Both iOS and Android have pretty much the same features. You can spy on everything with this software, even getting access to passwords. The great thing is that you don’t this all remotely

Price Comparison

Before you look at other spy software you should look at the different packages they offer first. Here are the four SpyEra offers:

Smart phone package:

With this package you can spy on one smartphone. In addition, it includes a password grabber. You can spy on iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Symbian devices. You can’t get a one-month subscription, but you have the option to purchase three months, six months or a full year.

Tablet package:

This package is slightly cheaper than the smart phone option with the added benefit that they both almost have the same features. This package includes a password grabber, as well as different device options for iPad to Android tablets.

Computer package:

The computer package is the cheapest, as it is the least difficult to monitor. You can choose to monitor a Windows PC or a Mac. This too only has the option to get a 3-month subscription or more.

All-in-one package:

This package gives you all the features. You can to spy on multiple devices without any restrictions, plus you save up to 80% when purchasing for two years. You can only buy this option for one year.

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SpyEra offers a lot more compared to the competition. They give you a wide variety of options when it comes to SMS tracking. Sure the price may be a little high, but nothing that is high quality is going to be cheap. Perhaps you feel that this product is too expensive then you can consider getting a cheaper alternative - it depends on the budget you have. Of course, you can always use the 10-day refund if it turns out not to be the app for you.