mSpy Review: SMS Tracker App

Reviewed on October 18th, 2017

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  • Pros
  • Options To Upgrade
  • Family (Multiple Device) Packages
  • 24/7 Live Chat
  • Cons
  • Requires Rooting For Android
  • May Not Honor Refund
  • Software Failure After Updating

Executive Summary

mSpy is one of the better cell phone monitoring apps out there because it offers so many features. Many SMS Tracker apps have too many faults with their system - from not installing properly to the features not working. However, the features that this phone tracker app offers do work 90% of the time.

Furthermore, if you decide to upgrade your phone spy app price package, you can then monitor the most popular social media applications like WhatsApp, iMessenger, Facebook and more. In addition, they even have promo codes, which you can easily obtain for discounts.

Product Features

mSPY was originally developed to be a monitoring app for children so that parents could keep an eye on their kids in a new technology-focused world. It was not really developed to work as an SMS Tracker app, however this didn’t stop mSPY from putting in a few useful features that those looking for an SMS Tracker will find useful. Just know that if you want access to more of the powerful spy features, this will require an update of your price package.

Product Advantages

There are many pros when viewing this SMS Tracker app, for example being able to spy on text messages using iOS phones that haven’t been jailbroken. Also, it is compatible with other popular devices like Android, Windows and Mac OS. Another great thing about this phone spy app is that they have great customer service offering 24/7 live chat. In addition, mSpy is easy to install and the interface is fast and simple to navigate – if you have used spy software in the past then this shouldn’t be too difficult to get the hang of.

Product Limitations

This cell phone tracking software does come with several negatives too. Sometimes the main features don’t work and this makes spying difficult and frustrating for parents and employers. 75% of the people who purchased this spy software seemed satisfied, but the other 25% say that the mSpy scam is real and customers shouldn’t trust them with their money. However, if you do see that the product is not working then you should be able to use the 10-day money-back guarantee. Unfortunately, some customers have had mixed experiences with getting their money back as well, even though they asked for the refund within the 10-day limit.

Things To Consider

The mSpy scam has been reported by a significant portion of their customers and readers should beware. Like most spy apps they do come with their limitations, but it is up to you to decide if you should take the risk. Here are some of the negatives that people have complained about using this phone spy app:

  • Not getting a refund: There have been cases where people purchase and download the app and the program didn’t install properly. Naturally these customers asked for a refund; however, the support team will say that they are not eligible for a refund and take the customers’ money.
  • SMS Tracker needs rooting: A huge disadvantage is that you cannot use the SMS Tracking features of this software without rooting an Android. While they do claim that your iPhone will not need to be jailbroken, some users have reported the opposite. This is something that mSpy does not mention upfront and is a huge disadvantage as its two biggest competitors do not require a jailbreak to be able to use the SMS Tracker function.
  • Features not working: There are many cases where some of the main features of the spy app don’t work, including not being able to see the videos or photos taken. In addition, people have had trouble with call logs and iMessages, which are some of the most important features.
  • Updates are failures: Updating software should be an improvement not a negative experience, which is not how it goes with mSpy. Everything could be working just fine, but after a system update everything quickly goes south – either the system stops working all together or it works too slow to be usable.

Features You Need

SpyEra has many SMS tracking and monitoring features and we’ve highlight the top ones here:

Click on a feature name to learn more about what it does.

SMS Tracker
Resolve to Contacts
Battery Life
Remote Upgrade

You will be able to capture and read text messages sent to and from the target device. One advantage that mSPY does have with this feature is that you do not need to jailbreak your iOS devices to be able to use it. Unfortunately, you cannot see deleted text messages or delete the texts remotely. This is a huge setback as other cell phone tracker apps like FlexiSPY and SpyEra do offer this feature and more.

Additional Upgradable Features

SpyEra has many SMS tracking and monitoring features and we’ve highlight the top ones here:

Click on a feature name to learn more about what it does.

GPS Tracking
Blocking Various Websites and Apps
Call History
Call Blocking

Keylogging is essential for monitoring people. With this feature, you will be able to see what your target has written in the past. Most spy apps have this feature, but they don’t work. However, keylogging on mSpy does work.

How it works


mSpy has some system requirements, so before purchasing this spy software make sure the target device is compatible. Once you have picked out one of the bundles you would like to purchase, select the operating system you want to download it on. Make sure that you select the correct download, otherwise you will waste your money, as you won’t be able to use the app. They allow you to download on your mobile or PC, rather than giving you one option. To purchase this product you are going to need an account, which you can make by going on their website. After, go into your email to open up a confirmation message to get started.


Once you have clicked the confirmation link it will take you to mSpy’s control panel, which you can now use to begin the installation process. Log into the control panel and follow the instructions provided by mSpy. When you have gone through the whole installation process you can begin monitoring, which is simple with this cell phone tracker. Keep in mind that if you have selected the wrong operating system this app will not work, in this case you will have to download the correct version of this app and reinstall it.


When you have completed the installation process you might be wondering how mSpy works. mSpy is easy to operate if you have used spy software in the past. On the other hand, if this is your first time then you may want to view some tutorials first so you know what you are doing as mSpy could be a bit more complicated than the competitor SMS Tracker apps. There are a lot of features that come with this cell phone monitoring program, however, if you do not know how to use them then there is no point in having this app. Consider taking your time to learn each feature and how to use it to its full extent.
The SMS tracker feature is a great place to start, because it is simple to use and effective. This feature is great as it will show you content of each text message and the way it is set up is similar to the other app features. In addition, you can upgrade the service for a fee and use ambient listening to listen to your target’s conversations, in addition to seeing their GPS location.

Customer Support, Compatibility, and Price

Quality of Customer Support

Customer support is great on their phone monitoring site, because they offer 24/7 live chat, which is more than most spy software. This is possibly their biggest advantage compared to competitors. In addition, you can get in touch with them via email, but using that method will take longer as you will have to wait for a reply. There are some people, however that say that mSpy is a scam. Many customers have reported purchasing a bundle only to find out it was for a different OS. Customers could then proceed to request a refund, but based on past customer reviews a refund is not guaranteed.

Compatible Devices

The first thing you should do before buying this product is to see if it is compatible with your device. However, if you do find yourself in this situation ask for a refund as fast as possible, because they promise a 10-day refund which they don’t always commit to. This app works on both iOS and Android as well as PC and Mac for their computer monitoring software.

Android: Spying on people with Android smart phones is easy, since there aren’t as many limitations compared to iPhones. However, if you want to monitor instant messages or spy on text messages then you need to make sure that the device has been rooted. This means you need to have physical access to it to install mSpy. There are many other features on Android like reading emails, SMS tracking, call managing and much more.

iOS: Most iOS phone spy apps don’t actually work without being jailbroken, but mSpy does give access to a limited number of features on non-jailbroken iPhones. Most users may need to get physical access to the device and jailbreak it to get all the features, otherwise you are limiting your spying potential as this phone tracker is limited in its spying capabilities without a jailbreak.

Price Comparison

This spying app comes with many different bundles to purchase whether it’s for phones or PC. In addition there is an option to buy a family kit.


This is one of the more expensive bundles to pay if you were to only buy a 1-month subscription. It is always better to pay a full year’s worth, because you save money this way. This bundle gets you started with spying, but if you are looking to do something more advanced than spying on text messages consider getting the other bundles. The basic bundle comes in at $59.99 for a 3-month subscription.


This bundle is for people who want more advanced monitoring tactics. With this package you will get all the features mSpy has to offer, which includes a keylogger, app and websites blocking, social media monitoring and many more features. This bundle is more expensive than the basic one, but it comes with more benefits. You can get the Premium bundle at $119.99 for a 3-month subscription.

Bundle Kit:

This is the ultimate monitoring kit to track desktop and mobile phones with ease. This is the most expensive package, but it comes with all the features and you can monitor all operating systems. Keep in mind that the devices must be compatible. The Bundle kit costs $135.99 for a 3-month subscription.

Desktop Basic:

If you need to monitor Windows and Mac then this is the package for you. It offers the most needed features such as keyloggers, user history, installed apps, web searches and so on. The Desktop basic bundle is $39.99 for a 3-month subscription.

Mobile Family Kit:

This bundle is basically the equivalent of three mSpy premium subscriptions, which means you can monitor more than one device simultaneously. Unfortunately, there is no 1-month or 3-month option with this bundle. You can get the Mobile Family bundle for $359.97 for a 6-month subscription.

Desktop Family Kit:

This kit is the same as the mobile family kit, but instead it’s for desktop. This means that you can monitor many devices in an office or a household. Although it should be mentioned that this package doesn’t have as many features as the mobile kit. You can get the Desktop Family bundle for $119.97 for a 6-month subscription.

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This is a great piece of software for people looking to spy on their children or people working in an office. However, choosing to spy on many people can be expensive and you should consider an alternative. Also, you could even use this to spy on Snapchat using the mSpy Snapchat feature.

75% of the people who are using this product are satisfied with what they have. On the other hand, mSpy requires rooting and sometimes jailbreaking your phone for some of the most basic features. Here are a few examples of some of the other disadvantages: not giving refunds, features not working, not being able to download the app and update failures. These are just a few of the main disadvantages that come with this tracking app so as always, purchase with caution.