Gizmoquip Review: SMS Tracker App

Reviewed on October 18th, 2017

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  • Pros
  • Designed for Google
  • Play Store Download
  • 7-day Free Full Trial
  • GPS Tracking
  • Cons
  • Many Features Do Not Work
  • Runs Visibly On Device
  • Below Average Customer Service

Executive Summary

Gizmoquip stands out as the most prominent phone tracking and monitoring system which is designed specifically to provide users with a platform that is downloadable from the Google Play Store. It is meant to allow users to monitor all incoming and outgoing SMS, MMS, and text messages. With these features, parents should be able keep their children in check no matter what they are doing online. We have tested the entire Gizmoquip SMS Tracker app, including its features, advantages, limitations and more.

In this review, we will also discuss how this monitoring app is downloaded, installed and how it works, as well the Gizmoquip SMS Tracker subscription plans.

Product Features

Gizmoquip SMS Tracker offers many interesting features that make SMS and phone tracking more exciting. These features are:

Product Advantages

The major advantage of Gizmoquip SMS Tracker is that it lets users track the GPS location of all logged devices. This means that to know your child’s location, all you need to do is send them a message. The minute they receive your message or call (or even miss your call), you will know exactly where they are from the location registered on the GPS location tracker. The SMS Tracker is also compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Another very advantageous aspect of Gizmoquip SMS Tracker is its 7-day free full trial. This lets new users use the app for seven days without having to pay anything or enter their credit card details. This is very important as users learn if the app is a good fit before they subscribe.

Product Limitations

A major shortcoming of the Gizmoquip SMS Tracker app that has received complaints is its inability to make the status of the app on the device being monitored invisible or hidden. This means that the SMS Tracker app will always display an icon on the phone you are tracking. Beyond this drawback, a lot of the advertised features did not work even upon upgrading the price package.

Gizmoquip SMS Tracker serves well as a monitoring software. However, as other competitors continue to modernize, text and MMS message capturing capabilities have also significantly developed. The SMS monitoring features of Gizmoquip SMS Tracker are not enough for the complete tracking and monitoring of your child’s conversations. It is very delayed and seems to be bug-ridden as it constantly freezes and has glitches that we doubt could be overcome even if we upgraded our price package higher.

Features You Need

SpyEra has many SMS tracking and monitoring features and we’ve highlight the top ones here:

Click on a feature name to learn more about what it does.

SMS Tracking
MMS Tracking
Contact Integration
Text Message Searching
The Text Messages Monitoring
Remote Activity Monitoring

This feature lets you log all incoming and outgoing SMS messages. With this feature, you can completely track text messages from the date and time they were sent or received to the contact who sent or received the SMS messages, to the location from where these messages were sent or received. This feature is useful when you want to know if your child is sending and receiving messages from negative influences or peers.

Additional Upgradable Features

Click on a feature name to learn more about what it does.

Browser Tracking
GPS Tracking
Call Logging
Multiple Phone Tracking

As a parent, it is important to know what sites your child is looking at. The browser tracking features in Gizmoquip SMS Tracker lets you monitor which sites are accessed and also lets you know where these sites were accessed by logging the location of the device at that time.

How it works

Getting Started:

Getting started with Gizmoquip SMS Tracker is really easy. For starters, all you need to do is visit the Google Play Store or Apple Store (depending on you’re the device’s OS), search for SMS Tracker, and you will find the Gizmoquip SMS Tracker. Download and install this app on your mobile device and you are good to begin.

Download and Install

For this review, we tested the application using the HTC Desire 816 with Android OS version 5.0.2. Our device was rooted.

The SMS Tracker application which we downloaded and installed on our mobile device for this test had the following specifications:

  • App. Name: SMS Tracker
  • App. Version: 4.030
  • App. Size: 9.82MB

After completing the downloading and installation processes, we went on to open the application by tapping on the application icon on our device’s menu. It loaded and displayed the following information: “Welcome to SMS Tracker. To track this device, you need an SMS Tracker account. You can sign in using your existing account, or create a new account now”. This meant that we needed to be registered before we could go ahead to do anything else. Well, since we did not have an account, we went ahead and created a new one immediately by clicking the “create new account” button.

After going through the processes involved in registration and successfully setting up an account, we immediately had access to log in. The application was visible in our device’s app drawer, application manager and system notification tray, indicating that the app was active and running.


To begin monitoring our mobile device, we went to and logged in by hitting the “log in” link and entering our login details. We successfully logged in and had the SMS Tracker dashboard in front of us.

The SMS Logs Capturing feature captures only the last six hours of our mobile device’s SMS activity on the free version, and because we had no SMS from six hours ago, there was nothing to be captured initially. We also observed that on the free version, other key feature such as MMS capturing, location tracking, call tracking, browser history, etc., were not available. The only feature which was available with the free version was the SMS capturing feature. To get the other features, you need to upgrade your subscription using a module system to add the additional features that you want and choose the duration you wish to subscribe for.

Luckily, they allow new users to upgrade and get all features free of charge for seven days. We took advantage of this 7-day free trial and rectified the subscription challenge we had and immediately upgraded – we had access to all features. After we did the free upgrade, SMS messages, call logs, and MMS message features were available but unfortunately were not captured successfully from our device.

We also gained access to the GPS tracking feature after performing the free 7-day trial upgrade. With this feature, we could successfully view our mobile phone location. The GPS tracking feature was the only other feature that seemed to be working after we upgraded to the 7-day free trial.

Every other feature failed to work, even after we had upgraded to the free 7-day free trial. It kept asking us to upgrade again to get the feature whenever we clicked on it from the main dashboard.

Regarding the app visibility and the need to make the phone tracking process as secret as possible, there was an advertisement we found and tried on the dashboard. It asked us to download the software as disguised (hidden) or undisclosed (visible). We gave both options a try but got an interesting failure message that read “The page at ‘’ says: To comply with Google Play policies, the hidden SMS Tracker can no longer be downloaded from this site. For more information, please contact our support team."

Customer Support, Compatibility, and Price

Quality of Customer Support

Support for this SMS Tracker app is mediocre at best. Support is only available through message or email which may take days to receive a reply. Support is ideally supposed to help with any issues relating to SMS tracking, solve problems relating to registration, login, multi-phone tracking, installation and remote installation, and subscription. Unfortunately, most of these support issues require immediate response which we did not get. Upon contacting support, it took nearly 3 days to get a response for our issue and we were mostly just told to upgrade.

On the Gizmoquip support page, the only vital information available was a message that read “This page under construction. If you require assistance or have any questions, please send us an email at [email protected]”.

On the Gizmoquip “Contact Us” page, we also found some helpful information. A phone number: 214-382-2685; an address: 3030 LBJ Freeway, Suite 700, Dallas, TX 75234; a map; and another message that read “For any inquiry about our products or services, just fill in the message form below and we'll get right back at you!”

Compatible Devices

Gizmoquip SMS Tracker is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Currently, SMS Tracker is not compatible with Blackberry devices.

Price Comparison

Before you look at other spy software you should look at the different packages they offer first. Here are the four SpyEra offers:

On the subscription page, users can choose from a number of features. Subscriptions can be made to cover one month, three months or one year. When subscribing for just one month, users pay $3.99 per feature, making it a total of $15.93 for all four available features. When subscribing for three months, users get a 33% discount, paying $7.98 per feature, making it a total of $31.92. And lastly, when subscribing for one year, users get a 50% discount, paying $23.94 per feature, making it a total of $95.76 for one whole year.

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The table below shows the results obtained at the end of the monitoring process using the Gizmoquip SMS Tracker app.

Feature Did it Work?
Capture SMS messages Captures only last 6 hours with free version. Works fully if you use 7-day full free trial.
Capture MMS messages Capture MMS messages Didn't work, kept asking to pay to upgrade, even when on 7-day full free trial.
Capture call logs Didn't work, kept asking to pay to upgrade, even when on 7-day full free trial.
Capture contacts Didn't work, kept asking to pay to upgrade, even when on 7-day full free trial.
Track browser activity Didn't work, kept asking to pay to upgrade, even when on 7-day full free trial.
View GPS location Works successfully after upgrading to 7-day full free trial.
View device photos Didn't work, kept asking to pay to upgrade, even when on 7-day full free trial.

From reviews about the app on the Play Store people think it is a scam. Maybe because they don’t immediately see any captured SMS messages if they had no SMS activity in the last six hours of downloading the app. It is therefore advised to upgrade to the 7-day full trial to get access to the GPS location features.

It may be that the features are not available because of the developers or perhaps because of Play Store app restrictions, the same way that Apple only allows certain APIs to be used if the app will be in their store so only certain features are available. Overall, our Gizmoquip review found this app has good features, but they do not seem to work.